More Updates

So i’m writing again! i feel like i say this a lot but it always feels great to be writing again and recently i think i found out why i was getting so bogged down by it. When i have been writing lately, other than on the blog i feel like i have been putting to much thought into it. Instead of writing a story or a script that i enjoy i’m writing something i think somebody else wants to see from me, i’m writing about family dramas and i’m trying to tie too much philsophy or subtext into my writing. I’m trying to do too much, to the point that my writing has been making me miserable, at least writing scripts and stories anyway.

It was only starting the blog (however recent that may be) that made me realize i love writing. I enjoy writing, i just need to write what i want to write, not what i think somebody else might like. It needs to start with me because if i don’t like what i’m writing how will anybody else?  So with that being said i recently started writing a script about superheroes. I love superheroes but i also love small dramas so i’m trying to tie those two together, it’s a prospect that has me really excited and i can’t wait to finish it and get it made so i can share it with all of you. There’s no title yet but i have a plot, i have a large chunk of dialogue and i have a passion i haven’t had for writing scripts since finishing uni 2 years ago.

Also i’m thinking about “fixing” another movie soon. Leave some suggestions as to what you think i should fix. Peg Out.


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