Life of Peg: I went on a trip.

So, yesterday i was surprised by Anna’s dad and we ended up going on a day trip to York. Besides the 5 hours of the day we spent driving there and back and the ridiculously overpriced food (at least where we ate) it was a good day. I enjoyed walking around the old town looking at the architecture, especially that of the Minster, if you haven’t seen it it’s really worth a look. and even though York is not even slightly like where Anna and i are going on holiday just the fact we had a small trip was exciting.

Speaking of Holidays we have finally decided where we are going to go. Anna and i are going to Hong Kong in October, so look forward to lots of pictures of that. I think it is safe to say both Anna and i are in love with Asia so it’s going to be the source for a lot of our trips in future. I’m very excited for it and i hope you all are too. Now i best get off and start cooking dinner so she doesn’t have a go at me when she gets home. Peg out.


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