Ideas and Updates.

So i’m trying to think of fun things i can do on the blog and i have been thinking about what i like reading online. I spend a lot of Reddit and really enjoy the subreddit r/fixingmovies. It invites user to rewrite films they have seen but aren’t happy with and i think i would enjoy doing something like this here. Something similar to this is Whatculture’s “How WWE should have booked” videos. Where the host takes a wrestling angle and “re writes” it to his own story to make it better. This again is something i think i would enjoy doing.

That being said i think to get more subject oriented content, this would be a fun way to get posting so i’m going to start by “Fixing” a film i enjoyed aspects of but ultimately felt fell so short of what it could have been. Suicide Squad.

I feel like Suicide Squad had such insane potential that was wasted. I know a lot of people feel the same and a lot feel differently but as a comic book fan and hopefully screenwriter i think i could take a whack at it and come up with something better… hopefully. So keep your eyes peeled for that post coming soon.  Peg Out


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