Life of Peg: Holidays are coming!

So, i booked my holiday time off work today and it got me excited, like really excited. Anna and i have been talking about going away for quite some time now, we’ve had a big year full of change and frankly we are exhausted so it feels good to get the time booked. The last time we went away was September 2016 and it was without a doubt the best trip i have ever been on, We went to Japan but we ca talk more about that in another post. but this holiday has a lot to live up to haha.

We’re currently trying to think of where to go, so far we are toying with the idea of Greece as i’ve heard the weather stays good right through to November, and my co worker is from there and says it’s lovely. We have also been thinking about New York as both Anna and i have been before but never together and there are things we would like to show each other.

We have no idea where we are going yet but it’s exciting. If you have any suggestions for us i’d love to hear them. Peg Out


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