Life of Peg Day 5: Home for the Weekend

I’m writing this as i sit on the train home. Not home where i live but home home. This weekend i’m heading back to sunny Lancashire. No matter how often i leave and how much i complain about my town i always feel myself being pulled back. and looking out over the horizon as i travel reminds me why.

Lancashire, despite its issues, can be a beautiful place, and the same goes for my life there. Despite the issues i faced back home, the people there are beautiful and my friends are a group of people i think i will never lose contact with, no matter where i go. I’m looking forward to catching up with my friends this weekend and having a little slice of home. That’s how home is best enjoyed, in little slices cause no matter how much i say i love it, it can be a shit hole at times. That being said it’s my shit hole….poor phrasing.

Peg Out.


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