Life of Peg Day 4: This Gonna Be Hard

So, i missed a day but lemme explain. My life is in a bit of a transitional state at the moment so a lot of stuff is up in the air making it difficult for me to get free time, free time that is currently being occupied by this blog. That’s not me making excuses not to write. Like i said when i started this blog all that time ago (5 days) i’m not making excuses not to write any more.

So the reason i didn’t post is as i said, life is in a transitional period this means i’m currently working two jobs in two different cities which doesn’t leave me a lot of time for the things i want to do. The other day i did manage to fit a cinema trip in between shifts but you have to treat yourself every now and then amirite? But i digress, not a lot of time for stuff at the moment.

This post didn’t really have much of a point but i’m trying to stay regular. I’ll post as often as i can and hopefully future posts will have more of a point to em. Peg Out.


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