Welcome to my World!

Hi there, My name is Peg. Peg is a nickname i was given in high school that seemed to stick. And although many things have changed since i was high school, the name Peg has not. My friends back home still call me Peg and its been my name online for years. So i thought when i was starting this blog, what better name for it than “A Guy Named Peg”?

I decided to name the blog this way because the name has been a big part of how people identify me for the longest time and this blog is going to contain posts about the things that interest me and shape me, its going to contain posts about things i use to identify myself. That doesn’t mean that the site is going to be “me-centric” cause honestly, i hate talking about myself, i’ve never really bee one for it but when starting a blog i figured it’s important for people to get to know you.

So i hope that by coming this site and looking at the things i post about you will get to know me. If you like movies we have something in common, if you like comic books we have something in common, if you like wrestling we have something in common. If you don’t like any of those, stick around maybe we’ll find something in common along the way.

This blog is going to be more than just a place for me to write about my interests, its going to be a place for me put my voice into the world and put my life out there. I look forward to writing here and hopefully seeing people come by. Until then i guess all i can say is Welcome to my World, my little corner of the internet. – Peg Out


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